Welcome to Akiba Idol Emily!

Well, I guess this is my first website post, so let’s get cracking :D

Welcome to Akiba Idol Emily! This has been a project of mine that I’ve been working on for months, making plans, writing music, and attempting to sew clothes. (Spoiler alert: Emily and sewing machines do not mix.) This has led us to this date, when I ‘debut’ as an idol -- not with a fancy music video and a new dance, but with beatmania IIDX rounds and step charts. This isn’t your average, normal idol career -- this is being a local idol, promoting Akiba Arcade and alternate culture here in Columbus, while simultaneously doing that music thing that I’m good at as well.

Now I know what a lot of my long time fans might be thinking. “Okay, Emily, why J-Pop?” Simple! Because it’s always been J-Pop. I’ve been listening to J-Pop music for over 15 years. I knew all the words to Secret Base before AnoHana made it a thing. I would sit in study hall, pouring over anison lyrics written in romaji to get the timing and pronunciation correct. I would wish to become like Seto Ringo in Angelic Layer, or Aino Minako from Sailor Moon, or Cyber Idol Mink. (Yeah, I know, I’m dating myself.)

And then somewhere along the line, I stopped. Faced with a reality that didn’t understand the art I wanted to perform, I stuck to what could get me far. But the problem with that was that I always changed genres all over the place. I’d play a little piano, and then I’d write some rap beats, and then I’d work on Top 40 songs for six months. All the time, I would still listen to J-Pop from afar, but always deny it. I’m not a weaboo. I’m a respectable musician. 

The genre-hopping meant I never made a career out of it, so I moved away from fast-paced New York City to the much smaller, closer to home city of Columbus mid-2016. I wanted to go to grad school and learn how to write orchestral pieces for high schools. What I really wanted to do, though, was I wanted to unite people with music.

Orchestra music is a passion of mine. I still play in orchestra. Sadly, sheet music and I don’t always get along, and therefore, a portfolio of pieces quickly became a wisp of a dream.

In January of 2017 I came across a super cool place in downtown Columbus called Gotcha Gachapon. This store was half anime shop, half arcade, and was the only store of its kind in Columbus, let alone Ohio. As EAI readers know, I traded my grad school plans for ITG stepcharts and noticed that rhythm games aren’t all that different from orchestras -- they unite people with music.

Gotcha Gachapon closed in June 2017 and moved locations to Eastland Mall, where it was rebranded as Akiba Arcade. Shortly after, I got the great idea while on vacation that I could help promote the new location -- simply by doing what I’ve always wanted to do all along!

What To Expect From Akiba Idol Emily

You Can Expect: Music! All sorts of new music in all sorts of J-Pop genres, both in Japanese and English. Lots of events happening in Columbus, from cosplay nights at Akiba Arcade to movie premieres to convention happenings. Eventually I hope to support other local idols and net idols as well!

You Can Not Expect: Covers, sadly, because ASCAP will get after me. (Maybe in a more unofficial capacity.) Dance videos, unless for some reason I get good. Possibly some doodles, but not a lot of art. No writing, sadly. That’s not in the plans.

You can follow me over at SoundCloud, which will have some of my music and behind the scenes tracks! Rainbow Colored Reality will be available here until it is available on Spotify and other partners.

You can also follow me on Instagram! This is the easiest place to find out all of the latest news not only from me but also from Akiba Arcade. If you follow me, you’ll also find lots of other net idols whom you can support.

And finally, Akiba Arcade has their Facebook page here. 

I hope to write here more often, and I look forward to the magic that we can make together!


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