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Welcome to Akiba Idol Emily!

Well, I guess this is my first website post, so let’s get cracking :D Welcome to Akiba Idol Emily! This has been a project of mine that I’ve been working on for months, making plans, writing music, and attempting to sew clothes. (Spoiler alert: Emily and sewing machines do not mix.) This has led us to this date, when I ‘debut’ as an idol -- not with a fancy music video and a new dance, but with beatmania IIDX rounds and step charts. This isn’t your average, normal idol career -- this is being a local idol, promoting Akiba Arcade and alternate culture here in Columbus, while simultaneously doing that music thing that I’m good at as well. Now I know what a lot of my long time fans might be thinking. “Okay, Emily, why J-Pop?” Simple! Because it’s always been J-Pop. I’ve been listening to J-Pop music for over 15 years. I knew all the words to Secret Base before AnoHana made it a thing. I would sit in study hall, pouring over anison lyrics written in romaji to get the timing and pronu